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The cats were running. They had been hunted for days. Though only now had their hunters caught up with them. The Polar Bears give an grunt of happiness as they cornered their prey between and under three fallen logs. Knowing that this was it, the cats turned to face their killers. Yowling, they all fought the bears, until every warrior but one had fell. The warrior was faced alone, three bears to one cat. One cat to three bears. Sending a prayer to her ancestors, they flung themselves into battle. Even though it was hopeless, the cat was filled with energy. Every time a killing blow struck, a ghost came and refiled the cat with a new live. The warrior fought on, until the bears were dead. Covered in blood, the cat looked around themselves, seeing that only a queen, her kits, two elders, and the medicine apprentice still stood standing. The clouds, which had covered the sky, blew away, revealing the moon and the stars that shone like the eyes of their fallen allies. Nine cats came down from the stars with a message - Honour the past to save the living. Using the message, the warrior created a home for those who were lost in the Tundra, forest and ice sea. They became known as a great leader, legendary in battle, able to cheat death itself, wise and kind. And their name was Tundra.


Hi! This is the Tundra Clan wiki! Here you can create pages about your character, plots and ideas, and read up about the lore and history of the world! If you want any help making a page, come to [1]me(Littlecatsonthemat) or [2]Artymis02.

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